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Make your own Moisturemeter

Make your own Moisturemeter


The percometer is a suitable instrument for moisture measurement, because the used propriatry schematcs compensates the influence of the conductivity on permittivity results. The simultaneous measurement of conductivity enables the determination of material salinity. Moisture can be measured within the material with the tube probe or from the top of material with the surface probe.

The moisture measurement:

1. Using the preistalled into percometer moisture calibration tables. Currently there are tables for different soil types, timber types and concrete present.
2. Often there is a need for moisture measurement of various materials. The new calibrationátables can beá easily composed byámeasuring the Er reference values of material samples with known moisture content. Based on these points the calibration table of the new material can be entered into percometer and used at future measurements.

Sometimes the particular moisture value of material is not as important as the fact, that the material is dry enough. In such cases it is purposeful to measure direct the Er of sufficient dry material (e.g at covering the concrete base with wooden floor etc.) and further to compare Er, not moisture values. This approach is succesfully used by Roadscanners OY, Finland at determination the bearing capacity of the road structures. It has been found out, the the bearing capacity problems appear, if the Er of subgrade material reaches 16 and knowing the moisture value is not important. Er can be reliably measured with theápercometer.
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