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Articles and links


Plakk, T, Hannolainen, E-G. Investigation of Soil Properties on Productive Fields by means of Measurement of Electrical Parameters. – Transactions of Eria No 71, 239-246

T. Saarenketo. Electrical properties of road materials and subgrade soils and the use of Ground Penetrating Radar in traffic infrastructure surveys. Ph D thesis

Repeatability and Reproducibility Study for Tube Suction Test

Measurement of soil water content by percometer. Saue, Triin; Kadaja, Jüri; Plakk, Tiit (2008). In: Workshop Program & Papers: 1st Global Workshop on High Resolution Digital Soil Sensing & Mapping, 5-8 veebruar, Sydney. Austraalia: The Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture, 2008, 184 - 192.

Measurement of soil water and nutrients by its electrical properties. Jüri Kadaja, Tiit Plakk, Triin Saue, Edvin Nugis, Peeter Viil, Marje Särekanno. In: Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B - Plant Soil Science, 03 November 2008. Ask for full text!



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