Dielectric Constant and Conductivity Meter

Percometer (Permittivity and Conductivity Meter) is an easy to use instrument for measurement of material dielectric constant  (value) and electrical conductivity. Just insert the tube probe into material or place the surface probe on the material surface, connect the probe to PC or Tablet and take the readings. Percometer system is successfully used for more than 20 years both in laboratory and harsh field conditions as well as permanently installed measurement station for continuous monitoring of electrical properties

Percometer Operating Modes

  • Continuous measurement of dielectric constant
  • Continuous measurement of electrical conductivity
  • Single simultaneous measurement of dielectric constant and conductivity
  •  Automatic timed measurement of both dielectric constant and conductivity with predefined interval (Percostation mode)
  • Statistical multipoint measurement of dielectrical and electrical conductivity values (average calculated, Tube Suction Test mode)
  • High speed measurement of Er or j up to 700 samples/sec. Method is used for  investigation of impact of heavy transport load on road structures
  • Field mapping of soil electrical parameters using GPS tablet and dielectric probe
  • Percostation is an outdoor measurement system for continuous monitoring of the electrical properties of  soils and grounds

  • Percostation can work with 1…7 short tube dielectric probes 

  • Dielectric constant, conductivity and soil temperature data as well as air temperature and RH are transferred to cloud
  • Percostation can be used in road maintanance, agriculture, slope stability monitoring/warning etc. systems
  •  For road and slope stability application percostation can be equipped with precision tilt sensor developed by Adek LLC
  •  Included solar battery and use of low-power NB/LTE-M radio network enables maintenance free long time operation

Standard Surface Probe

Standard Short Tube Probe

Liquid Probe

Concave Drill Core Probe